Enterprise Risk Management

The most comprehensive policy document on risk that I’ve seen.

Alex Martin

Director, Aktis Strategy Ltd.

Enterprise Risk Management: Seven Reasons

  • Deals with risk in a systematic and timely manner
  • Clarifies responsibilities
  • Reassures investors and regulators
  • Assists good governance
  • Integrates risk consideration into the business process
  • Provides an excellent basis for decision-making
  • Reduces the likelihood and impact of things going wrong

How we build an Enterprise Risk Management plan

  • Purpose of the Plan
  • Defining Enterprise Risk
  • Types and examples of risk
  • Plan overview
  • Standard risk controls
  • Reporting risk
  • Compiling the Risk Register
  • Risk assessments
  • Risk ownership & accountability
  • Risk appetite and tests
  • Risk committees & responsibilities
  • Compliance
  • International Standard
  • Principles of risk management